Schematics for IMUs / 3D Accelerometers

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ryan-logsdonRyan Logsdon 07/23/2018 at 03:210 Comments

We're making progress towards reading our 7 different accelerometers / IMU chips.

At the moment,  we've wired up & are reading the I2C data from the following three chips:

The ones we're still working on are:

And the 7th chip, an STMicroelectronics LIS3DHHTR, is out of stock with a 14 week lead  time, so we're ruling that chip out before spending any more time on it.

Now for a walk-through of the pin layouts.  The controllers are all Arduino Pro Mini boards, and the "IC"s are the respective Kionix and ST chips.


resistors are 1k Ohm

capacitor is 0.1 uF


resistors are 4.7k Ohm (1k is fine as well)

capacitor is 0.1 uF


resistors are 330 Ohm

capacitors are 0.1 uF and 10uF