SARP Search and Rescue Power Wheels

Search and Rescue from Recycled Power wheels, Lose the chair + search for lives in damaged buildings without risking personnel.

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Converting urban trash into capable long duration search vehicles. One 5 gallon tank can run for more than 24 hours straight of searching before needing to return for fuel. At 3 mph average speed the search vehicle could run for 72 linear miles of searching before it needs to return home for refuel.

A generator, servo and gear box, relays and 110v to 12v or 24 volt power supply, long range video tx and remote could turn all kinds of power wheels cards into useful tools in situation where manpower is limited and searching by yourself in person is too dangerous. It is a very MC Guyver concept, but I find ideas and go for them. This could be done for power chairs as well and electric scooters which can be found in cities around the world.

I will start uploading the logs asap for the build examples. My mission is to inspire others!

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