2. Decorations

A project log for Solar-Powered Tech Fashion - SolarCycle&Microsoft

This outfit has a solar panel on the shoulder which can charge a 5V device, like a phone, a speaker, a portable charger, etc. through USB.

artbyphysicistkittyartbyphysicistkitty 06/11/2018 at 00:480 Comments


I chose brassy snap buttons to match the armor look. You hammer them on. Super fun.

As an additional touch, I wanted to use my 3D printed buttons from my previous design (below and see more photos here) as decorations. For whatever reason, the fashion industry forces designers to create seasonal "themes" of designs using the same elements (why can't every single piece be unique and timeless?)... I like how the combination of the buttons and chain turned out.

This is the other 3D printed dress I made. 

Lattice - 3D printed high fashion


To complete the look, a cone hat makes sense. You cut a few pieces of triangles and sew them together. Stuff it with rags and seal up the edges with ribbons to wrap around your head like below:


Who doesn't want pockets? Especially when you can put your phone in it while charging. I made weird triangular pockets that are also decorative.