3. 3D printing

A project log for Solar-Powered Tech Fashion - SolarCycle&Microsoft

This outfit has a solar panel on the shoulder which can charge a 5V device, like a phone, a speaker, a portable charger, etc. through USB.

artbyphysicistkittyartbyphysicistkitty 06/11/2018 at 00:490 Comments

There are jackets with solar panels on them currently in the market. But they all have the solar panels flat on the back. Does it actually collect enough sunlight when they are vertical? I wanted my solar panel to face the sun. Since this would make it look ridiculous, I might

I measured the dimensions needed and used Fusion 360 to design two plastic pieces that can elevate the solar panel on the shoulders. (.STL model attached below.) They have a shape that is similar to the Victorian patterns on the fabric.

I debated between white, silver and black. Eventually it just depended on which machine and color were available. I used our MakerBot 3D printer to print and Dremel to polish.

Now you can try to attach the 3D printed parts with the ribbons made in section 1. I fed the ribbons through the holes on the 3D printed parts a couple of times until they are stabilized by the triangular "entanglements" of the ribbons and the frictions between the ribbons and the parts. (Not sure how to describe this in words...)