Fixing the Web Side

A project log for SOL: Long-term solar intensity sensing

SOL is a project to develop a solar powered, connected solar intensity sensor (also known as a pyranometer)

Jake WachlinJake Wachlin 06/24/2018 at 01:170 Comments

As discussed in the last project log, while the hardware is functional at this point, the process for entering WiFi credentials to allow SOL to connect and the process for uploading data were merely hacked together. 

I updated the WiFi provisioning process to use the WiFiManager ESP32/ESP8266 library. This library provides the user a list of available wireless networks, and provides a much nicer looking interface to the user while connecting. This update is on the GitHub.

I also want to welcome Ryan to the project. He comes from a computer science background and his help in developing the web interface for SOL is greatly appreciated!