How I got the idea

A project log for Geothermal Energy Harvesting Garden Lights

use the natural, stable temperature of the ground to power garden lights and sensors via a thermoelectric device

trey-coreTrey Core 06/11/2018 at 04:250 Comments

So when I first saw this year's Hackaday prize video, I was hyped! Then, I saw the energy harvesting category and thought "I can do this!". But no idea came to me unit months later when I was reading a blog post on here about energy harvesting. I tried to think of all the renewable forms of energy I knew of while I was walking though my house. Then, I looked out the window and into my back yard. I was thinking about  geothermal energy and how behind it was compared to wind and solar. That's when I got the idea. I was looking at the ground under a tree and thought how could I put a garden light under it.