Test number 2

A project log for Geothermal Energy Harvesting Garden Lights

use the natural, stable temperature of the ground to power garden lights and sensors via a thermoelectric device

trey-coreTrey Core 07/14/2018 at 00:130 Comments

So I tried the setup during day time with thermal paste. And I am making power! It's not much power though. It's defiantly in the energy harvesting range of power output.

This is a picture with my multimeter disconnected.

Here is a side view of the setup.

When the sun started to go down my voltage went down to 0.034 volts. I think this is due to a drop in ambient temp. I also checked the current and I was making about 1.5 miliamps short circuit. This means I'm making about 50 micro amps.  Another note, I flipped the TEG over to see if it preferred one side to be the hot side but it didn't matter.