Change your Bluetooth properties using AT commands

Using AT commands we can change name,bud rate etc of Bluetooth module(hc-05,06)using some simple steps.

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VCC --> VCC -'5V'
RX --> RX
TX --> TX
EN --> VCC
*After connections are done, open ARDUINO IDE and connect your Arduino to your machine , open new sketch, don't write any code, just upload as it is,then you need to remove the vcc supply to Bluetooth module ,now you Bluetooth device in off state, then before connecting vcc to Bluetooth just push and hold pushbutton on Bluetooth module, withholding that push button connect vcc to Bluetooth module ,then u can see the LED on module,will blink with 2 sec delay ,then u can release the push button,now u are in AT mode,BINGo.......just type this commands in serial monitor of Arduino IDE:----> AT : Check the connection.
AT+NAME : See default name
AT+NAME= your custom name
AT+VERSION : See version
AT+UART: See baud rate
AT+ROLE: See role of bt module(1=master/0=slave)
AT+RESET : Reset and exit AT mode

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