• Added heatsink

    Ante Medić4 days ago 0 comments

    I found heatsink that can fit beneath the glass and tested the concept with rgb LED.
    Seems to work nice and lights up nicely :)
    Wraped it with sticky aluminium tape.

    Idea is that LED's would be just below the glass on the rim so light is nicely dissipated and refracted through the glass.

    Next I will find components necessary to shrink the circuit and get it on prototype board.
    I need to find some low startup voltage step up converter and design proto PCB and test it :)

  • 3D printing insulation layer

    Ante Medić7 days ago 0 comments

    Today I 3d printed insulation layer and did bit of sanding so it fits good with peltier and glass.
    Tomorow I will try to combine it with heatsink and try it as single unit with rgb LED.

  • Testing the concept

    Ante Medić06/14/2018 at 10:01 0 comments

    I found good glass and sanded the bottom so it is as flat as it can be. Then I sandwiched peltier module between cpu heatsink and and connected peltier to multimeter to see what I get and also connected it to cheap boost converter from aliexpress that gets 0.9 up to 5V and then put my usb led tester with red led into that.

    And it works!
    LED lights up and until temperature drops below 60 C led is on. 
    I have concluded that using combination of thermal pads and paste works better, also putting slight pressure on top of the glass so it sticks harder to the heatsink helps also to get more voltage/current.

    In the next log, I will 3d print plastic insulator and try to find some smaller heatsink and try to build better prototype that hopefully can run rgb led.

  • Concept Drawing

    Ante Medić06/13/2018 at 10:25 0 comments

    Today, just a picture of a concept drawing.

    Will attempt to make prototype in the next few days.
    I already have peltier module, need to get some kind of glass able to withstand high temperature that has sufficient thin bottom.
    Then also I need to source some heatsink and try sandwiching all that together and see do I get any current that can run led's out of that.
    Will try using regular boost converter from 1V to 5V on usb just for test.
    If that works I will make PCB with better circuit for more efficient power usage.

    I hope I have update in the next few days :)