4) Testing

A project log for Optimote | Bio-Adaptive Media Controller

This devices aims to optimize screen time experience by adapting music and video media elements in real time based on heart data

Donovan M.Donovan M. 07/09/2018 at 16:570 Comments


The next step was to test out the device on small scale with a couple testers to ensure it is at least usable enough for further testing with many testers. 

After some fine tuning of the logic, namely the sensitivity of the actuation triggers, it seems to work decently.  

Calm mode noticeably puts media volume and tempo in sync with heart rate, with calming boosts when triggered. Thrill mode is especially fun with the use case I made custom media for. The thrill mode media plays an eerie scene looping with the famous Jaws movie piano theme playing in the background, becoming louder and faster as heart rate speeds up. When the user is sensed to be steadily decreasing in heart rate over X readings, it skips to a jump scare clip when they least expect it. Of course, this frightful media would not be suitable for a classroom, but the mode would work just the same for different, non-scary media. Focus mode definitely needs more data collection to improve the logic, but this data can be collected when larger scale testing is carried out.

So far it is a success!

Later, I plan to perform large scale user experience testing to determine just how effective and enjoyable this technology can become with more advanced features.

I am looking forward to the future of this technology and will upload a video or two demonstrating the tech progress thus far.