I entered Daisy-kite-turbine in the 2014 Hackaday prize.

Significant improvements in power, weight, portability, strength, control, data collection, deployment, smoothing, scalability, designs, efficiency ... Merit an update. The new power to mass ratio (>300W/kg flying material) means these turbines can be incorporated into transportation, enabling energy independent vehicles. Lets do that.

I blog my kite power adventures on windswept-and-interesting blog  where I post progress on kite turbine powered transport, including e-camping, kite kayaking, e-bike cycling, e-car driving.

The kite powered e-car challenge is already going on.  It's a big scary amount of power to be working with. For this project, I'm going to concentrate on something safer and more accessible. I'll be retrofitting an e-bike to be energy independent and a useful power source. Something suitable to power a camping adventure.

E-bikes have all the electro-techno-gubbins we need, a motor for regen (a geared hub motor with the freewheel planetary gear fixed) a controller, a battery and some have handy power distribution too. 

We're going to make a kite turbine, and use the bikes own electric wheel as the generator. We'll make a part so the handle bar can be a kite bar and hold the wheel ready for regen. 

I want to lend this turbine to a scout troup to test while attending a scout Jamboree in Austria