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Roddy Roddy "Rags" Read 07/09/2018 at 15:330 Comments

Lightweight ground clamp 

Thanks to Robbie from Gordon Diesels for designing and making a new post clamp / generator mount. This is magnificently simple. A sheet of aluminium (walkway) cut with a water-jet then folded & welded. The central slot holds a bike motor / generator shaft. Straps hold everything to a post. 

Now we have all we need to hold the kites while allowing them to spin fast. Kite torque energy can now be extracted as electrical energy at the generator. 

Clamp v2 (slightly longer jaws to accommodate long shaft)

Fold the 4 webs and seam weld. (I've added 14 extra suggested hole locations (to this .jpg as splodges) to aid tying off onto flying pole or ground stake architecture. Will try get the cut pattern for you.)

A much nicer running geared hub motor 

I also got a new motor from Charlie And Seumas. There was one wire broken in the plug. Not a problem I cut the plug off. Made a wee tig weld on the planetary gear casing. Replaced and tested. All going sweet on VESC 6 test. Packed with grease.. it even has a wheel. Sewed on 6 strap tabs with ropes. Figure 8 stop knot at an equally measured length.

Here's the technicals on getting regen from a bike wheel.

How to put a torque tube together  (The boring video)

Wow that was dull, but you did get a look at the kite and torque ladder construction.

Lets go out and test. Finally you get to see flying and clamp v1 in action for the first time in this video.

Finding my fortune on the Shore

Packaging these turbines and the generation kit for travel is challenging. The smallest rings on the torque ladder are 62cm dia. They don't come apart like the large rings (yet), So somehow we need to protect that for travel. 62cm is big. 62cm is also ~the size of the 26" mountain bike wheel I was given. It's not easy to find standard packaging or storage boxes to fit that. However, if you happen to live on an island with plenty aquaculture, Giant mooring buoys tend to frequently wash up on the shore through the winter. Yes, I had these in my garden. 

You will likely find some other kind of large plastic cylinder (maybe a garden water butt) 

If not, first cut enough end off to protect your wheel, rings, motor and gadgets.. then scrub the barnacles off, and remove anything which still smells like an octopuses nightclub. Clean up the plastic sawdust.