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Roddy Roddy "Rags" Read 07/18/2018 at 07:170 Comments

On all previous models, the lower, smallest hoops, were made and sewn in to the compression sleeve. This means they were a fixed size radius. Trying to package this is tricky. As seen in my previous logs. 

So, I've made a whole new set of rings and lines for the "torque ladder". Every one of the rings now comes apart.  The rings are all made with the same 170cm carbon rod. The advantage here is you can now package all of the kites, all of the rods, all of the lines rolled together. They now fit inside tube carrier I made by modifying a pair large extendable poster tubes. (Two larger diameters fit over one smaller diameter central piece)

The lowest 3 rings (nearest the generator) have 1 rod, the next ring has 2 rods, the third ring has 3 rods.

Deployment is easier now, as you can unroll the complete set of torque tube lines and rings. Photos to follow. And the lines have less knots on their way down. The whole thing looks neater.

Like a Daisy run in reverse ... I'm a fan