Quantity   Component name
1 × VESC6 The VESC (Vedder Electronic Speed Controller) will save you grief. It's an amazing motor controller. pricey though.
1 × E-Bike wheel. Normally I use direct drive motors for bike wheel power extraction. This time we're taking kite power directly to the wheel rim & I'm modifying a geared hub motor with the planetary clutch fixed to be engaged.
1 × Jullet cable or other e-bike motor cable standard connector To tidy up and make a bit of an extension. Type dependant on what motor standards you go with
12 × 2m x 5mm GRP or Carbon epoxy rod lengths to make the torque tube and top support rings You will need varying lengths of this for different rings ~12 x 2m
1 × Dacron tape for leading edges, line tapers, webbing, seams, joins, ring cuffs, anything sew-y
5 × LM2596 DC - DC Buck Converter Regulators Steps 36V bike down to 5V for USB sockets ...Lets kids charge phones
5 × USB sockets Plugging gadgets for charge
2 × Enclosures A couple of boxes to keep your gadgetry dry enough when outside.
1 × A sewing machine You need a bit of sewing practice
1 × A soldering kit You need a bit of soldering practice
1 × Rope, line, cord, thread Dyneema (R) 4mm central lift line, 2mm torque tube lines & 1.5mm tethering lines
1 × Plate metal to make an anchor Will be bolted to the axle on the side with the wiring
1 × A rollerblade type wheel with bearings For lifting the top of the kite
1 × Arduino (uno or R3 compatible) wind power meter, kite controller, Regen control, charging control we can use these all over the show
1 × Bike Battery to fit The VESC is very tolerant and will accept anything standardy. Match to the motor performance at the speed and torque you expect
1 × Kites to spin the turbine round I've kept to the same simple formula for years now. 3 x HQ symphony beach3 1.2m kites per ring
1 × 4mm GRP or Carbon epoxy rod Threaded into lower leading edge seam of the driving kites
6 × 5mmID*7mmOD*1600mm carbon epoxy tube with a 10cmx9mmx7mm cuff on one end This is to make the ring. 6 pieces of this tube are not cheap. It is possible to replace this component
2 × XT90 anti spark battery connectors Get pigtails made up for you unless you're a dab hand with heavy gauge soldering