Full ColecoVision Compatiblity

A project log for Game Boards for RC2014

Run classic video games on your RC2014

J.B. LangstonJ.B. Langston 11/21/2018 at 03:220 Comments

This project began several months ago with the development of my TMS9918A-based video card.  With the recent addition of my SN76489 sound card and joystick interface, I have achieved full compatibility with unmodified ColecoVision games.  Check out this video to see what it can do:

For those interested in all the gory details, I have produced a video with an in-depth explanation:

Additional details for each board, including a bill of materials and technical documentation, are on their respective Github pages:

z80ctrl board or RomWBW is required to load games into memory and launch them.

Many thanks to JLCPCB for sponsoring the prototypes of these boards. Whether  you want to manufacture my boards for your RC2014, or you need to prototype your own electronic project, JLCPCB is an excellent choice. They produce top quality PCBs for an incredibly low price and their service is fast.  I routinely get 5 day or quicker turnaround on my projects, order placed to board in hand.