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A project log for 16 step MIDI sequencer

Arduino based (ATMEGA 644) 16 step sequencer with 2 MIDI ports and direct drum triggers

RH ElectronicsRH Electronics 07/15/2018 at 10:560 Comments


Testing revealed that certain devices didn't like the output, and after scoping the MIDI port it was sending note off every single time it hit a step, regardless if a note had been played previously.. so 8x16 note offs were going on!

I have now programmed an array that flags if the previous step has been played and only send note off if it has, therefore if nothing is set it will send no data.

The stop sequence routine did the same, just note offed everything. so this uses the flag and only sends if there is something to send.

Clock Out
I have added a 'clock out' which is a 5v pulse on every 8th or 16th note (programmable)


- CC now starts and stops the sequencer
- MIDI in merges with the sequencer MIDI on port 1