University digital Logic Learning Xtensible board release 3 with SDRAM

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This is a small (94x51 mm) standalone FPGA board for education, research and general purpose, with a full featured selection of chips which I all wanted on a low-cost PCB, but haven't found on the market. It's open source and open hardware because if it is good for our development of f32c SOC, it should be also good to other projects.
ULX3S will carry all digital logic on our research, education and makerspace projects in next 5 years.
ULX3S is standalone embeddable gadget with onboard display, buttons, storage, WiFi and compatible connectors.
ULX3S can self-reflash with a bitstream sent remotely from web interface over WiFi or from SD card browsed by onboard OLED display and buttons.
ULX3S can completely power down and wakeup from battery backed RTC.
ULX3S has rich range of chips and connectivity required for many other open source projects: SDRAM, USB, PS/2, SDCARD, HDMI, FLASH, RTC, I2C, OLED, AUDIO, ADC, onboard FM/ASK antenna 88-433.92


FPGA: Lattice ECP5 LFE5U-85F-6BG381C (85K LUT)

USB: FTDI FT231XS (300kbit JTAG and 3Mbit USB-serial)

GPIO: 56 pins (28 differential pairs), PMOD-friendly


Flash: 4MB Quad-SPI Flash IS25LP032D for FPGA config

Storage: Micro-SD slot

LEDs: 11 (8 blink-LEDs, 2 USB LEDs, 1 WiFi LED)

Buttons: 7 (4 direction, 2 fire, 1 power button)

Audio: 3.5 mm jack with 4 contacts (analog stereo + digital audio or composite video)

Video: GPDI connector with 3.3V-5V I2C bidirectional level shifter

Display: placeholder for 0.96" SPI COLOR OLED

WiFi+bluetooth: placeholder for ESP-32 (Standalone JTAG web interface over WiFi)

ADC: 8 channels, 12 bit, 1 MSa/s MAX11125

Power: 3 Switching voltage regulators: 1.1V, 2.5V, 3.3V

Clock: 25 MHz onboard, external differential clock input

Low power sleep: RTC clock wakeup, power button, 32768 Hz quartz and battery

GPDI is General Purpose Differential Interface, Electrically LVDS, mostly TMDS tolerant female receptacle more-or-less compatible with digital monitors/TVs

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