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A project log for JBC soldering station

Custom soldering station with JBC T245 pen

AndyAndy 09/20/2019 at 09:370 Comments

I would like sum-up what is currently working and what is the future prune.

All pending features, which were blocking a real using have been fixed, hopefully. Some of them have been moved into future, because they are only minor improvements, I think.

Ok, lets go to sum-up (I will re-use TODO list from previous log):
 - sleep mode
  - A sleep temperature is also showed. This is starting after sleeping timeout has been elapsed only when pen is inside a stand. It can be disabled of course.

 - protection handling
  - Added Watchdog and some min/max checking
 - power bar handling
  - If a temperature difference is bigger than zero, power-bar is filled. It also indicates pen heating.

 - pen detection
   - If then pen is missing, logo with crossed pen will be shown. It also turn-off heating. After pen is connected back, it automatically starts heating.

 - °C/F switching
 - I don't want to waste a time with this selection. I don't want to use F for temperature displaying. Maybe I can add it in the feature for some user request.
 - brightness regulation
  -  There are 10 options to set brightness level. Levels are directly represented, so user shouldn't save the parameters to see, how the brightness really looks like.

Others not previously mentioned improvements:
 - multiplier
   - Temperature could be de/increase not only be 1 degree. It could be changed by 2, 3, ... 10. User doesn't need to go step-by-step if he wants to de/increase temperature eg. 200->300.
 - beep
  - All user inputs could have also sound echo.
 - performance improvements
  - Heating now takes less time. Here I need to experiment a little bit to get more power. But I it's not urgent, so I am shifting it to the future.

That's it. I would like to say really thanks all people, who helped and gave me some advice for SW/HW improvements.
I think, that SW part is ready for usage. Now I will move to housing. I have to change my previous drafts a little bit to be matching with actual design.