Parametric Rotor

A project log for DIY Savonious Wind Turbine

A small wind energy harvesting system for charging batteries to power your projects when solar is not an option

laenLaen 07/13/2018 at 01:450 Comments

One of our goals for this project is to make it as parametric as possible, so we can easily adjust the specs as we experiment to get the power output we need.

So, I designed a Parametric Rotor in Fusion 360.  It has several parameters:

For flexibility, I've been designing this with both laser cutting and 3D printing in mind, and this file can be used to generate a DXF for lasercutting, or an STL for 3d printing.

I don't think my key system there will work well for actually tightly securing this to the axle.  I need something with a setting screw.