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We're back and this time we're making a social game using blockchain (yes, really!) and badges!

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We're building a social game using blockchain technology (yes, really) to prove you've interacted with folks at DEFCON who also have one of our badges!The goal is to build your score by trading blocks with folks and having them hash to perform a collaborative proof of work. Trading back for the block you just had won't add to your score so you must go seek out someone new to trade with.We're adding some special blocks, too!

Shall we play a game?

So we've been trolling you all on Twitter about this whole "Blockchain" badge concept and the general reaction has been:

"They must be trolling!"
"Cryptocurrency mining on a badge??"

The truth lies somewhere between; sure we've had some fun trolling but we think we've found an interesting use for a distributed blockchain!  Our blockchain implementation is a little different:
1.  It's not a centralized blockchain like bitcoin but instead a distributed "tree" of interactions
2.  It operates on collaborative proof of work proving interactions are authentic
3.  It runs on sneakernet instead of the interwebs!

As you walk around DEFCON and meet other folks wearing one of our badges you will trade one of your White Blocks and they will begin doing their Proof of Work.  A special animation plays on each of your badges to tell you that it's building the new block.  When this process completes you will see a special completion animation on your badge.

  • The goal:

    Ben Hibben (Blenster)06/21/2018 at 02:24 0 comments

    We're still testing out the algorithm however the goal is for folks to do this trade with as many other folks as they can, swapping their White Blocks and gaining new interactions to build their score.  This will help us find out who swapped the most blocks with other players and see if this game can lead to some networking and interactions at DEFCON among the #badgelife enthusiasts.  Can our badge lead to folks interacting in meatpsace at the conference who might have otherwise just passed each other without comment?

    We've also decided to spice up the game a little with a bit of pay-to-play because capitalism!  We're developing some special blocks that aren't meant to be swapped that come in a variety of colors and with different effects on the genesis badge and/or the game.

    We are also going to try and support #Defcon 26 Shitty Add-Ons.

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