The Lamp was designed to 3D print completely even using a small entry level printer. This one was printed with Creality Ender 2 Printer. It has a print volume of 150 x 150 x 200 mm.

All of the Design files can be found on

The lamp was designed using Fusion 360

For the light source I've used a LED light panel with 36 LEDs (5730 LEDs). That is an overkill for a desk lamp. The panel originally contains only cool white LEDs. So I've de-soldered 18 LEDs and replace them with warm white LEDs. The Original PCB was designed to use it with 53V (LED configuration - 2p18s). Since I didn't have a driver circuit I've redesign the PCB for LEDs to work with 5V.

Initially I wanted to add brightness control circuits for both colors so, I've added two holes on the base of the lamp to mount two potentiometers, but later when testing I realize that I don't really need to control the brightness. Since the print was done before the testing, there are two holes left on the base. (Posted design files does not contain these holes).