Quantity   Component name
5 × TEG Thermal Electric Generator Seeback module this uses hot / cold temperature transfer to generate voltage.
18 × PLA 3d printed reflectors These are curved reflectors I am using to focus sunlight heat energy onto the center heat collector
1 × DC to DC converter regulate voltage, step up from low voltage to 5 volt and usb output.
1 × CPU heatsink, $10 on amazon this is the cold end that is submerged into water to attract heat transfer through the seeback modules.
4 × 1/4" aluminum plates heat transfer medium
1 × Copper wire 16 ga several this copper wire bundled together to catch heat reflected by the petals
1 × Mylar Heat reflecting film coating the inside of the petals to reflect heat at the center.
1 × Thermal adhesive Attach the TEG modules to aluminum plates, both cold side and the hot
1 × alumilite liquid two part resin I use this to coat the 3d printed part giving them heat resistance and sealing the small gaps in layers to make them waterproof.