The Beginnings of KayeIoT

A project log for KayeIoT, CAD for Hacking and IoT

KayeIoT is a a Computer Aided Design for Hacking and IoT. It's a Cable Level Design Program for Projects that uses existing parts.

David LyonDavid Lyon 08/08/2018 at 09:190 Comments

KayeIoT has been built especially for the 2018 Challenge. Otherwise it probably wouldn't have come into existence.

It was Started in March 2018, after David worked at a CNC Manufacturer writing C++ Customisations in Qt for LibreCad to support G-Code. Sometime after finishing the job, an idea then arose to write a CAD program specifically oriented towards the needs of Hackers that often work with parts that are already made, instead of insisting that all parts be made from scratch.

A typical example of what we are talking about would be a Sensor Boards from Sparkfun or some website in China. An Electric Motor, an Arduino board.

Whilst tools like Fritzing offer some solution, they don't really focus all that well on providing something that could be used in an Industrial Setting. For example, if there was a client requiring a specific Solution and a quick diagram was needed to go into a Quote or Proposition.

So with this in mind, KayeIoT was discussed and presented on the MakeHackVoid Forum, a Hackerspace in Canberra, Australia here:

An early version is shown here:

The original requirements really were that it be a Development Environment for GNU Compilers.

Over time the focus has really changed and it's now very different.