Building Quick Technical Diagrams using Parts files from Fritzing

A project log for KayeIoT, CAD for Hacking and IoT

KayeIoT is a a Computer Aided Design for Hacking and IoT. It's a Cable Level Design Program for Projects that uses existing parts.

David LyonDavid Lyon 08/26/2018 at 12:180 Comments

If you are a Hacker, one of the things that you need in a Design Program is that ability to be able to add Parts to a Technical Diagram after the fact and in cases where no actual Technical Documentation can be found.

This may happen if you bought an Electronics Board from eBay or China and there simply is no proper documentation.

It may also happen if you have pulled apart something and have taken a part, such as an old Stepper-Motor or Electro-Mechanical component.

Most programs don't make it very easy in this case, but Kayeiot does.

The best way to describe the objectives are to say that we want something that draws like Fritzing but doesn't worry so much about Detail and allows to add Parts quickly.

KayeIot uses a parts library made with .board files. These are Windows .ini files that look like the following:

You can add Parts to your Drawing:

and you will get a Drawing with whatever Parts you need:

Here we have an Arduino Motor Shield and a DC Motor, now lets add a cable.

This will give you a Connection between the Arduino Shield and the DC Motor.

As a Final Trick, you can press [f] for Final Mode which will generate a Final Diagram including a BOM and an Automatically generated Cable Listing for your project.

All of this has been achieved using the QGraphicsScene classes in Qt.

Parts for this program are easy. Simply find Fritzing .fpz files for whatever boards you need or make your own files up in the simple .ini format.

So much work has gone into getting Kayeiot here that it's difficult to do a a microscopic build log. Each of the elements of functionality have taken days or weeks to get going.

If you can imagine how much work has gone in, that is going to be very close.

There are still things to do and more functionality to go in.