Java Juice

Just like coffee powers you, it can also power your projects!

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Hello! This is my first Hackaday submission and it will be for the 2018 Hackaday Prize!

The idea is fairly simple - your coffee or hot drink is typically very hot and takes a while to cool down. Not to mention, most people have a tendency to drink one to three (or more!) hot drinks a day; sometimes to stay sane. I want to harness this addi - I mean energy, slowly, and overtime.

This concept will take advantage of the TEG (i.e. peltier device) as the main energy harvesting unit. The device will feed its power into a energy harvesting controller IC which will store the minuscule energy amounts from your cooling drink into 18650 li-ion batteries. Once the batteries are charged an adequate amount, the batteries can be then discharged via a USB cable!

From there you can use that energy to power your projects, your phone, or your gadgets! This is a proof of concept project, but hopefully one day I can tell someone I power my phone with coffee!

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levisemil wrote 12/11/2020 at 02:45 point

I really like this Java juice. This is really an amazing project. I want to embed it in my site of juice reviews

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