Weaponized Blinky Ball at Defcon 26

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mmcammca 08/14/2018 at 22:230 Comments

Blinky Ball with TwinkleTwinkie's SAO 6

Survived another Defcon!

This year we brought along the Blinky Ball, for a little show and tell.

While there, we installed the WiNX (Wi-Fi attack-defense) suite of tools on the ball (

We got a couple nibbles on the Deception setting, but we hope that was just people fooling around and not actually trying to connect to unknown random access point at Defcon.

No one will probably ever install an Wifi scanner/sniffer, honey pot or a custom captive portal on their Blinky Ball.  But I am happy to report that if you want to, you can.

We have also come up with an answer to, "What is that?"

The answer we most often gave was, "It is something that sits on a desk or shelf and gives off light.... It's a lamp."

In short, it is what happens when hackers design a lamp.