Beginner Level Miscroscope


The Tokyscope is an easy weekend project utilizing the Tokymaker to replicate a simple microscope. The Tokymaker will transform your phone into a microscope that can magnify and vary luminance. This project will engage young minds to explore the microscopic world.

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Curious about the world? Interested in what everything is really made of? Our phones are equipped with only a certain range of zoom capability. With the TokyScope we can delve in a little deeper and figure out what you cannot see with the naked eye.

We are going to replicate the focus and luminance functions of a microscope. Using two potentiometers as the inputs, we can control two servo motors and an LED. The potentiometer will allow us to control the range the servo motors are lifting the phone to adjust focus on the specimen. The potentiometer will also allow us to control the luminance of the LED to give the specimen light contrast.

Materials & Tools


Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without installing software or connecting 

cables. Understand the principles of operating system electronics connecting

in the most intuitive way, a large variety of sensors and actuators.

LED light

LED, also known as light-emitting diode is a light source that is able to adjust its luminance and color.


A type of fastener consisting of two strips. One strip is covered with loops and the other with flexible hooks. When the two strips are pressed together the hooks will grab onto the loops.

Rotating Potentiometer

Rotating potentiometers provide a range of electrical charge. Rotating the potentiometer will allow an adjustable range of control. Examples can be volume or position controls.


Heavy-duty paper with multiple layers to create durability, but also maintaining foldability. 

Clip-on Microscope

Contains magnifying lens to help extend the phone’s zoom capabilities. The clip allows the lens to be attached hands-free on different objects. 

Servo Motor

A servomotor (also called servo) is a device similar to a DC motor that has the ability to be located in any position within its range of operation, and remain stable in that position.


In this case you will be using a pencil to hold two opposing pieces of cardboard together and jam the phone in it.

Box Cutter

Also known as a retractable blade knife is a great tool to cut cardboard or paperboard.


 Templates for the TokyScope can be downloaded in the links below:

Base-Back & Support.pdf (1 download)

Base-Bottom.pdf (3 downloads)

Base-Sides.pdf (0 downloads)

Phone Tray.pdf (0 downloads)

Servo Shelf.pdf (2 downloads)

Slider.pdf (4 downloads)

Toky Holder.pdf (4 downloads)

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