Quantity   Component name
48 × APA102-2020 Dotstart Addressable LEDs. 6 strips of 8 leds are used to make up the display area.
1 × atsamd21g18 32-bit Microcontroller used to drive/control leds, in addition to any logic the display needs.
1 × Inductive charging coil pair Used to transfer power to the rotating components
1 × Hall Effect Sensor (DRV5033) Used to sync display and keep image stable
1 × Brushed DC motor Used to actually spin the display. Targeting refresh rate of 30Hz, so motor needs to run up to at least 1800 RPM, and have enough torque to spin all the components.
1 × H-Bridge Motor Driver Used to control the speed of the motor
1 × Arduino Nano Responsible only for controlling the motor using the H-Bridge driver
1 × 12V Power Supply Power supply for display. Inductive coils need at least 9V.