This experiment use human infrared sensors to detect if anyone is moving around the sensor. If yes the buzzer will make an alarm.


1.    arduino

2.   bread board

3.   LED

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Here is the connection diagram:

Here is the code:

int Sensor_pin = 3;

int ledpin = 11;

void setup()


  pinMode(Sensor_pin, INPUT); // Set the human infrared interface as the input state

  pinMode(ledpin, OUTPUT);





void loop()


  int val = digitalRead(Sensor_pin); // Define parameters to store the state read by the human infrared senso

  if (val == 1) // Buzzer make alarm if someone is detected


    Serial.println("There is sb moving");

    digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);




    Serial.println("There isn't sb moving");

    digitalWrite(ledpin, LOW);


  delay(100); // Delay 100 milliseconds }