4-bit Relay ALU (РЦВМ-1)

Relay numeric counting machine rev.1

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Hello from 2009 year :)
I made this machine long time ago, using schematic from a book "Radioelectronic toys" wroted by Stanisław Wojciechowski

This device can Add and Substract two 4-bit numbers and Multiply 3-bit by 2-bit numbers.

USSR relay 27 x RES22 and 16 x REK23 were used

Yep, it's looks like a piece of shit, but it work!

  • 1
    Schematic analysis

    As we can see, default schematic is 3-bit wide, but we can easily change it to 4-bit mode

  • 2
    Adder assembly and checking
  • 3
    Control logic wiring

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