Initial Steps

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A streamlined HUD - also a challenge for myself

nagupnagup 06/28/2018 at 21:580 Comments

First step, Designing the enclosure by looking at how Google Glass is designed, I noticed it was only as thick as it needed to be, i.e. the section between the battery and main board is very thin because it only has wires and ribbon cable going through it.

My design is a massive change from Alain's but that's because I wanted more of this project to at least be my own work but also fit my requirements too. In the picture below are the (very) rough parts I got 3D printed at my College (printer was a CubeX Duo, Complete pile of over expensive junk to be honest but I dont have >£150 to get myself a better one). You can see the main body, the lid for the main body, the "screen holder" and the lid for that too.

No idea what happened with the lid of the "screen holder" but it's a start. I'll 3D print these again anyway.

On the body, you can see two fork-like protrusions, these will hold the screen holder in place with a pin going through them, just for prototyping purposes. The body lid broke since it was only 2mm thick, ill superglue it and carry on. The walls may look too thick, thats because it is, it was meant to be 2mm thick but the printer made it 3.5mm thick. Ill need to level and set the z-gap offset next time I go to College.