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A project log for HUD That Shows You Notifications

A streamlined HUD - also a challenge for myself

nagupnagup 04/22/2021 at 20:590 Comments

I have chosen to come back to this project, a big part of why I was waiting was for a specific display module to show up/become more common but for some reason, it didn't. It was just like the previous display; a full colour IPS TFT display but square, more suited for use with these triangular prisms. 

Right now I am just ordering some parts and just having a think of what changes I can make to this, without the display module I'm looking for I'll have to settle for using my rectangular display but only use half of it so that I end up with a square of active pixels. There was also a release of a project that accomplished what I was hung up on, successful ANCS integration and categorising the notifications based on their type. With this software, I can then add some features like having glyphs for each category of notification and many other things. I also have some additional hardware features I want to include like a vibration motor and a touch panel for control of the device (don't know if modules exist for this).

I am tied up with another project right now but once that is finished I will get started again with this. 

Credits to this amazing project that sparked my interest in carrying this project on sooner than I thought I would.