Pentagon switch button prototypes

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Jonathan BumsteadJonathan Bumstead 10/02/2018 at 04:140 Comments

Here are a few prototypes for the pentagon switch design I showed in previous logs. After making the first prototype, I realized I needed some better supports for the center. I just glued together the arms uses some old prototype board I had. After checking that this worked, I laser cut a new prototype with a center connector piece.

                                                                                      The prototype board was added to support the legs.
                                                                     Here I have a MDF pentagon functioning as a substitute for the plexiglass.

The spring action is working great, but now I have issues with the electrical contact! I thought the electrical switch would be more dependable, but it turns out that it is sensitive and sometimes does not return to contact when the button is pressed. Most of the problem is due to the mechanical design. Now I am not so convinced that these push buttons are the way to go.