Protocol stack for mesh network

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An agile radio designed for low power and narrow bandwidths over a wide frequency range.

Hunter ScottHunter Scott 07/20/2014 at 19:210 Comments

I forgot to mention this before, but I've been experimenting with TI's SimpliciTi mesh networking protocol for talking between devices. I like it because it's open source and designed for applications like Level. Another protocol I was looking at was BATMAN (Better Approach To Mobiel Ad-hoc Networking), which is a robust, fast protocol for P2P networks. I have an implementation for a network simulator I got from the researchers who published the paper on it, but I haven't implemented it on a real device yet. There's another implementation here (along with some other mesh networking protocols) that may be good to play with. 

I also have some code written in GNU Radio for the USRP that can communicate with stock CCxx devices using the basic packet structure of SimpliciTi. It's still a little buggy, but I've gotten it to work. You can find it here:

I don't have access to a signal or spectrum analyzer anymore, so it's difficult for me to debug some stuff. I want to pick up a Tek 492 with options 1, 2, and 3, so if you've got one you want to sell for cheap, let me know!