Towards a more open level

A project log for level: A New Kind of Radio Module

An agile radio designed for low power and narrow bandwidths over a wide frequency range.

Hunter ScottHunter Scott 09/14/2014 at 23:550 Comments

Today I made a few changes that make level more open than before. First, I added support to building with msp430-gcc in addition to Code Composer Studio. That means that a lot of the supporting libraries and code that was under TI's license is now under the BSD and GPLv2 licenses. 

The other thing I did was change the license of my code from Creative Commons to the MIT license. The MIT license is simpler and less restrictive. There's also good news for SimpliciTI: I found a guy who ported it to GNU C. That may be an avenue towards a more open MAC without writing one myself.

The last thing that I'm doing (currently in progress) is drawing the next hardware revision in KiCAD instead of Altium. Altium is closed source and costs money, so doubly bad. KiCAD is maturing pretty quickly now that CERN is developing it and this will be my first major design using KiCAD. The HackRF One by Michael Ossmann is another example of an RF board that was designed and layed out in KiCAD, so that improves my confidence in the ability of KiCAD to work well enough.