Game Boy Pi

The Game Boy Pi using a raspberry pi 3

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In this Project I made the a Game Boy PI using the raspberry pi 3 and some other boards. I used a pic18f2550 as a HID joystick that controls the buttons, and PCM2707 board was add to obtain a high audio quality, the display used was the monitor for car 3.5". No GLUE used to assemble the case. Do not forget visit my blog,

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prosto wrote 02/22/2019 at 12:30 point

this is better

normal linux

but if You put normal procesor and fpga this will be great

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pic18fxx.blogspot wrote 02/22/2019 at 14:42 point

Looks interesting the link, but that board does not support one USB joystick more, In my game boy pi I can connect a USB joystick or a keyboard, I have two USB ports available.

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Mike Szczys wrote 07/03/2018 at 15:46 point

Beautiful job, I'd love to see more details on this! Do you have any plans to swap out the screws for something else? I wonder if there's a flat threaded insert that will look nice and allow you to secure the PCB from behind?

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pic18fxx.blogspot wrote 07/03/2018 at 19:14 point

Hi Mike, I did not found other way to close the case and the pcbs, All the boards have screws, Was complicated the insertion of the raspberry pi 3, also I inserted the fan to raspeberry pi3.  

But, I can play 1 hour only. the battery is not so good. All the compones that I used can be bought from ebay or aliexpress.
I have the PCB made in EAGLE. (
I will do a full teardown of this project.


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