Controller assembled and ready for tests.

A project log for Flip-Dot Display & DIY Controller

Messing around with Annax Flip-Dot displays.

Frederic LFrederic L 08/18/2018 at 10:200 Comments

Got the parts yesterday and started putting it all together. Here is the board as I received it from JLCPCB, and the final result with all the components soldered (not my best soldering job but got much better at it towards the end).

The board fits nicely on the back of the display with 10mm spacers. The 40pins connectors are aligned with the ones from the display and all seems to fit as I was hoping. You can see the power supply here as well in the temporary cardboard support.

I could only find a couple of small mistakes so far :

I’ll make sure I’ll correct those before posting the board and schematic on GitHub.

Off to some coding and hopefully dots will flip soon !