Prototyping finished.

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Messing around with Annax Flip-Dot displays.

Frederic LFrederic L 09/06/2018 at 20:500 Comments

This concludes the hardware prototyping part. I'm genuinely surprised that the entire circuit works without any further modification, and that it could actually have been my final PCB.

All of the target functionalities were implemented and have been proven to work in previous logs :

Minor modifications on the PCB would be to change the screw-terminal for the +24V input/output into a wire-to-board connector (maybe Molex ?), as it's currently quite a pain to connect/disconnect the cable when needed. And that's it ! The rest works.

A lot remains to be done though :

So it's far from being finished, but great steady progress were made over the past two months and I hope to keep it going this way.