Don't you want to have such a nice and cool earring when you go out at night or for parties? Let's make an earring with Neopixels!

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Don't you want to have such a nice and cool earring when you go out at night or for parties? I would like to have it, that's why I made Arduino Lilypad Controlled Neopixel Earrings. :) These earrings don't just light up. They have several different animations and colors.

Controlled NeoPixel Earrings

  • 1 × Arduino Lilypad
  • 1 × NeoPixel Ring - 12
  • 1 × USB Serial Converter
  • 1 × 3.7V Lipo Battery
  • 1 × USB Mini-B Cable

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    Step 2: Circuit Diagram

    We will start the project by loading code into Lilypad first. In order to program the card, we need a Female/Female Jumper Cable and a USB Serial Converter. After installing the code, we will not have any work with USB Serial.

    • Make the connection between Lilypad and the USB Serial Converter, as in the picture.
    • Then, connect the Lilypad with your computer using Micro USB.
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    Step 3: Programming the Arduino
    • Open the Arduino software. Under Tools-Boards, select the Lilypad main board. You need to make sure that the correct board is selected.
    • Select your port number. It might be a different port for you.
    • Upload the code to Lilypad main board.

    You can copy the Neopixel code from Adafruit’s Github page. Here is the link:NeopixelEarring

    Create a new project in the Arduino IDE. Copy the whole code and paste the code you copied here. Then click the "Upload" button and upload the code to Lilypad.

    **If you don't work with Adafruit libraries before, you might need to add up the Adafruit libraries.

    The code loading process is over, no more work with USB Serial Converter.

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