Beginner Level Safe


The TokySafe is an easy weekend project utilizing the Tokymaker, a servo motor, and a potentiometer. The TokySafe has a servo powered locking mechanism to keep your precious things in a safe place.

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- Need something to keep your precious things safe? Have a diary you want to keep away from your siblings? Make the TokySafe to keep your belongings locked up somewhere safe.

- The TokySafe is an easy project that requires only a few steps and materials. The servo motor acts as a locking mechanism. Once the servo motor is turned with a potentiometer, it keeps the box locked. To unlock the safe, press your combination, turn the potentiometer the other way, slide and pull the drawer out. Now you can keep your precious things safe!

- What’s great about the TokySafe is you can code your own lock combination and change it to keep it a secret from thieves. Detach the Tokymaker to use for another project if you want. The TokySafe will be locked until called for. Below is an example lock combination.

Lock Combination

The lock combination is:

  1. Press Button A
  2. Touch Touch Pad 2
  3. Touch Touch Pad 3

Pressing the lock combination will allow you to turn the potentiometer to lock or unlock your safe.

To lock/reset the Tokysafe, touch Touch Pad 1.

Materials & Tools



Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without installing software or connecting cables. Understand the principles of operating system electronics connecting in the most intuitive way, a large variety of sensors and actuators.



Heavy-duty paper with multiple layers to create durability, but also maintaining foldability. Cardboard usually made of a corrugated fiberboard sandwiched between two flat layers of paper.


Rotating Potentiometer

Rotating potentiometers provide a range of electrical charge. Rotating the potentiometer will allow an adjustable range of control. Examples can be volume or position controls.



An adhesive substance used to stick things together.


Servo Motor

A servomotor (also called servo) is a device similar to a DC motor that has the ability to be located in any position within its range of operation, and remain stable in that position.


Box Cutter

Also known as a retractable blade knife is a great tool to cut cardboard or paperboard.


Templates for the TokySafe can be downloaded in the links below:

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