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The aim of the robot

- The aim of the robot is to drive controlled by IoT or with the light sensors. When an object is detected less than 10 cm in front of the robot, it stops.


IoT controlled

You can control the robot with the Adafruit platform. On the Adafruit dashboard there is a direction slidebar and a speed slidebar.

You can enable this function when you press Touchpad 1.




 Light controlled

You can control the robot with a flash light. When you shine with a flashlight in a certain direction on the robot, the robot will turn in that direction.

You can enable this function when you press Touchpad 3.

You can stop the robot when you press Touchpad 2.

The inputs are :

2 light sensors

The outputs are :


2 continuously rotation servo motors





Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without installing software or connecting cables.


Contact us for getting the parts, or you can download the part drawings here :

Than you need to print them on cardboard.

Servo Motors

A continuous rotation servo is a servo that does not have a limit on its range of motion. Instead of having the input signal determine which position the servo should rotate to, the continuous rotation servo relates the input to the speed of the output and direction.

Light Sensors

We can use scissors or a cutting knife for cutting the cardboard.


A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device.

-Templates :

If you don’t have the parts, and you want to make it with cardboard you can follow next steps :

1) Download the prepared design 

2) Print it on A4 paper

3) Cut the red lines

- Codes :

IoT Connection & Variables

Text on screen

IoT connected ?

IoT control 

Light Control

Stop the robot