First Live Demo of Sensors

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A modular system for multimodal hands-free music control, wind instrument development and general human computer interaction.

Chris GrahamChris Graham 08/21/2018 at 22:520 Comments

When the epoxy dried (see previous log entry) I assembled the mouthpiece unit to the main board and the main board into the Hammond box housing.  See previous log entries for details.   This is the assembled unit: 

I tested the sensors with an Arduino program that reads the ADCs of the sensors and streams the data to the host computer.   

Everything was working really well so I created a quick patch in Max/MSP to graph the outputs of each of the four sensors: lower lip, tongue/oral cavity, upper lip and breath pressure blowing out/drawing in.

Here is an image of the Max patch with the data graphs.

Here is a link to a one minute recording I just uploaded to YouTube.

Mouthpiece Sensor Demo

The graphs are small but most of the data is very precise, having a dynamic range that uses much of the  0-1023 range of the Teensy 3.2 analog to digital converters.