Improvements to Max Patches

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A modular system for multimodal hands-free music control, wind instrument development and general human computer interaction.

Chris GrahamChris Graham 09/21/2018 at 16:020 Comments

Calibration now has the ability to set an amount of median-style smoothing for each of the sensors.  Also added is the ability to save calibration settings and improved appearance.

Another big addition is an output mapping window.  It includes controls to  enable/disable output from each sensor, choose the channel, map it to a type of MIDI message and save groups of these settings as patches.  (Output mapping patches are saved separately from calibration patches so that multiple output patches can share the same calibration settings.)

The next step will be to add the ability for breath-out and breath-in to trigger note ons and note offs.  In the breath controller version the note numbers will be supplied by an external controller such as a keyboard.  In a wind controller version note numbers would come from the "finger unit". 

Also remaining to be added are user editable mapping graphs, one for each sensor that will allow definition of non linear response curves.  Many other minor details also remain to be added such as the ability to choose 7 bit or 14 bit MIDI controller output, ability to send aftertouch, ability for note-on/off to gate the flow of controller messages, etc.  Support for some other planned sensors also remains to be added.

Other interesting additions will be the ability to correctly handle slurred vs tongued note-ons. i.e. Providing for note-offs to overlap previous note-ons depending on whether a note change was caused by a change in breath pressure vs a change in note number from the external controller.  This is especially important for electronic wind instruments but could be a useful capability even for notes from a keyboard controller.  As far as I know this capability has never before been implemented for a breath controller.  (Other than in my own earlier prototypes for the mouthpiece)