Project Update

A project log for Multiwind

A modular system for multimodal hands-free music control, wind instrument development and general human computer interaction.

Chris GrahamChris Graham 07/29/2019 at 14:030 Comments

Sorry for the long time in not posting.  The project transformed last September and I have not been able to write about it until now. 

Last September the prototypes were working great but difficult to assemble.  The mouthpiece would be too difficult for the majority of hackers to make.  It also needed to be smaller  which would require tiny surface mount electronics, pick and place assembly and injection molded parts.  i.e.  It needed to be a manufactured product. 

However, I did not have the resources to run a business by myself as it would take me away from the research.  Last September I was introduced to Rudy Verpaele  of IMOXPLUS by Pedro Eustache

Rudy was developing an innovative physical modeling synth called Respiro that could benefit from a more expressive electronic mouthpiece. Rudy planned to develop hardware wind controllers when Respiro was completed. 

Rudy is in Belgium and I am in Canada and I traveled to Belgium last October.  We found we were perfect partners and joined forces.  Since then Rudy has been on completing and releasing Respiro I have been redesigning the mouthpiece making it smaller, more powerful and manufacturing-friendly.

We are now starting to go public with the mouthpiece which we have renamed the Photon because of its use of light in much of its sensing.  Here is the first public announcement:¬if_id=1564141779424965