InkyPHAT: ePaper/eInk display for badges

Use Pimoroni InkypHAT hardware to make dynamic badges.

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I recently bought the Pimoroni tri-color InkyPHAT ePaper/eInk display for RaspberryPi Zero W. I plan to utilize it for doing badge projects including networked badges.

I've always been fascinated with eInk displays. My latest discovery (and purchase) is from the excellent folks at Pimoroni : the InkyPHAT tri-color EINK display. I bought the black/white/red version for around $20. As far as I can tell this product is only available via Pimoroni and took a few weeks to get shipped to me in Texas.

A very nice and well-documented Python library has been published on GITHUB which I'm slowly learning. I plan to slap some sort of UI together to allow me to easily update the display via a Bluetooth app and/or a small web server (FLASK probably).

And I was definitely inspired by the tutorial/project description at electro{maker}, Les Pounder, published online in Feb 2018. Article is "Make An Animated Conference Badge With Inkyphat" and it is a great writeup.

I also intend to make this a fully-loaded (single user) LINUX box with -

As people join/follow this project I'd like to look at doing 'crowd' versions of this badge so that we could do badge-to-badge communications if two or more of us are in the same location (conference, for example).

  • 1 × Pimoroni InkyPHAT RPI-based EINK display
  • 1 × RaspberryPI Zero W RPI Zero W

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