InkyPHAT: ePaper/eInk display for badges

Use Pimoroni InkypHAT hardware to make dynamic badges.

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I recently bought the Pimoroni tri-color InkyPHAT ePaper/eInk display for RaspberryPi Zero W. I plan to utilize it for doing badge projects including networked badges.

I've always been fascinated with eInk displays. My latest discovery (and purchase) is from the excellent folks at Pimoroni : the InkyPHAT tri-color EINK display. I bought the black/white/red version for around $20. As far as I can tell this product is only available via Pimoroni and took a few weeks to get shipped to me in Texas.

A very nice and well-documented Python library has been published on GITHUB which I'm slowly learning. I plan to slap some sort of UI together to allow me to easily update the display via a Bluetooth app and/or a small web server (FLASK probably).

And I was definitely inspired by the tutorial/project description at electro{maker}, Les Pounder, published online in Feb 2018. Article is "Make An Animated Conference Badge With Inkyphat" and it is a great writeup.

I also intend to make this a fully-loaded (single user) LINUX box with -

As people join/follow this project I'd like to look at doing 'crowd' versions of this badge so that we could do badge-to-badge communications if two or more of us are in the same location (conference, for example).

For those who want to buy an off-the-shelf version of this badge using ESP32, go visit the Tindie page for "BADGY"

Nice little package, $30 without shipping.

Please support small companies such as Squaro Engineering on Tindie!

I hope to someday come to DEFCON or some other conference in order to join the ranks of these WONDERFUL badges collected here (there are four "volumes" of this article describing incredible badge designs).

Once I get my Prusa i3 printer fully assembled (I'm adding a really great new hotend, the NOVA which allows for 5X speed and is "clog proof") I will design & print a full-blown case with built-in lithium battery compartment.

For this I'll be utilizing the "Pocketchip Battery Case" designed by Nick Anthony @ (I copied it and posted to Thingiverse at ).

  • 1 × Pimoroni InkyPHAT RPI-based EINK display
  • 1 × RaspberryPI Zero W RPI Zero W

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