Stator Assembly

A project log for Portal Point Generator

An efficient and compact generator that can be coupled with wind turbines or water wheels to produce upwards of 100W

VijayVijay 07/14/2018 at 11:230 Comments

Coil Placement:

Place the coils inside the Coil Holder/ Stator. There are three pins inside which the coils will sit.

The "IN" and "OUT" of the coils where the winding started and ended need to the placed in the appropriate notches. These will help identify how the coils would be wound.

Figure 15: Coils placed in coil housing

Coil Housing Preparation:

Glue gun the coils in place.

Figure 16: Glue applied to raised edges of the coil housingApply glue to the edges of the coil housingFigure 18: Coil housing being coveredThe coil housing is covered with the 3DP Housing CoverFigure 19: Coil housing being covered