Star Topology Arrangement​

A project log for Portal Point Generator

An efficient and compact generator that can be coupled with wind turbines or water wheels to produce upwards of 100W

VijayVijay 07/15/2018 at 15:340 Comments

Connect the phases in a delta pattern. There are 2 Coils for each phase. The coil on the opposite sides are of a single phase.

Connection coils of the same phase in series first, the "OUT" of the first coil with the "IN" of the second coil of the same phase.

The above picture shows 9 coils, but its connected the similar way for 6 coils as well

Then connect all the remaining "IN"s of the three phases together which would be the common ground. All the "OUT"s will be the three phase output.

In the below images, I covered the coils with the stater cover, and marked the IN's and OUT's of the coils to aid wiring.

Figure 24: Twisting joints of wire pairings (as per description)

removed the enamel from the ends of the wires with sand paper:

Figure 21: Stripping enamel off the copper wire with the help of sand paper

(My desk is messy, i know)

here im' soldering two coils of the same phase together. 
Figure 23: Soldering pairings of copper wires