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A project log for Portal Point Generator

An efficient and compact generator that can be coupled with wind turbines or water wheels to produce upwards of 100W

VijayVijay 09/10/2019 at 08:440 Comments

There is so much joy in sharing projects and getting recognition for it (Portal Point Generator was a Hackaday Prize 2018 finalist). But what feels even more awesome, is the community actually taking up the project and realizing it for themselves, and to make the project even better. 

This is the essence of Open Source community innovation. 

When I started the project, with the plan to demonstrate it in Antarctica with 2041 ( , the intention was to create a story around the project  to attract innovators from the community to build on the generator and make it better and move the needle on personalized power and giving people control of their own resources.

We are in the middle of a sea change in how electricity is generated, managed, distributed, stored, and consumed. New technologies in electricity generation, such as small-scale wind turbines, wave energy, and micro-harvesting are primed to bring electricity to places on the globe without access to reliable and affordable electricity. These new technologies bring with them opportunities in employment, healthcare, communication, and education.

Thus, it was so heartening to see @MaKoTo realizing the generator and adapting and customizing it to his needs, and doing such a brilliant job and documenting his process, implementation and findings.

Above: The portal point generator with some slight modifications

Above: The final implementation, housed in a weather proof box, and a wind turbine charge controller

Above: The pulley arrangement to experiment with various gearing ratios  

He even made some improvements with the bearings that I had planned for V2, in the current version itself that was one of the biggest flaws of the design.

I'm very excited about the automated coil winding jig for precise winding of the stator coils ( Which I brute forced in a very "unscientific" way in V1). I secretly hoped someone if the community would make one, and I was overjoyed to see his implementation of it. 

I was initially very apprehensive about anyone being able to recreate the project for themselves, owing to the complexity of the parts and assembly, but I feel much better now that there is more content out there to help people build on the project. 

You can read about his entire process at:

Thigiverse links to the 3D Printable files:

I'm inspired by this work, and look forward to implement some of his improvements in the next version of the turbine. 

If you are working on the portal point generator yourself, do let me know, I'd love to give you a shutout and log it here!