7/6 - Finishing touches on the Hand Crank and Wind Turbine

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Modular power generation system for powering and charging small electronic devices

mx3designsmx3designs 07/11/2018 at 16:360 Comments

We finally made the blades for the wind turbine module out of paper and sprayed them with polyurethane to make them more durable. We did some tests… the motor we chose is a bit too hard to turn for ordinary winds (i.e. not from an air compressor) so we are working on finding a new motor. On the water turbine module, we were able to mount the turbine assembly to the brushless gimbal motor. This module seems like it’ll generate a lot of power: just spinning the turbine with our hands was enough to generate a volt. Once we mount the blade guard, we can really test this in real conditions. The lantern module just got finished as well: we mounted the high-power LED to the upper part of the lantern and the reflector to the bottom. It looks great, and testing on that will begin shortly. Lastly, we soldered up some three-phase rectifiers in advance for the brushless motors.

(Photo is of the Hand Crank module on top of the Wind Turbine module)